Juraj Janosik

"Juraj Janosik – he is like your Robin Hood – was taking from rich and giving to poor people. And since life in Slovakia long time ago was not that easy and people were mostly poor, he became their HERO… I don’t know, there are many heroes nowadays too, but not all are so well-known by all Slovak people. However with Janosik you will probably not find a person not knowing him! He is a big legend!"

Juraj Janosik is a historical figure turned into a legend. As the subject of countless films, paintings, songs, novels, and poems- many of which are still part of the Slovak and Czech middle school and high school curriculum- Juraj janosik a well known and beloved Robin Hood figure. Historically, Juraj Janosik was born in Terchova, a village in modern day Slovakia but then a part of the Kingdom of Hungary under the Hapsburg monarchy, around the known date of his baptism January 25, 1688. At 15 Juraj fought in the Kuruc, a group of armed anti-Hapsburg rebels but was recruited by the Hapsburg army after the loss of the Battle of Trencin. In 1710 he freed Tomas Uhorcik and together they formed a forest robber group. He became leader at 23 when Uhorcik left to settle in Klenovec. The highway men stole from rich merchants and shared wheat they stole with the poor. The group was known to be extremely chivalrous; they never murdered and even helped an injured priest. Juraj was captured twice in his lifetime. He was released the first time but his second capture lead to his trial and execution on March 17, 1713 where he was hung by a hook through his left side on the gallows to die. Juraj Janosik became a symbol of resistance to oppression and was key to Slovakia's national revival in the 18th century. As Martina stated above, the people at the time needed a hero, and one who stole from the rich and gave to the poor was especially needed in those hard times.

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