Slovakia at a glance

Slovakia- Where it is?
Slovakia is in central Europe
  • Slovakia is a country located in central Europe (in "the heart of Europe" as Martina says) surrounded by Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic (clockwise, starting from the North).
  • Its area is about 49,000 square kilometer or 19,000 square miles and its population is 5,406,030 as of 2008.
  • Its largest city as well as its capital where Martina currently lives is Bratislava. Bratislava is in southwest Slovakia on both sides of the Danube river and borders Hungary and Austria.


  • The official term for the country is the Slovak Republic. This should be used for formal purposes but both the Slovak Republic and Slovakia refer to the nation.
  • Slovak is used to refer to a person who comes from the Slovak Republic, or the language of Slovakia or as adjective.
  • You should avoid using the term 'Slovakian', a less common equivalent to Slovak. Though certain references recognize the term, it is not used in official environments.

  • The national anthem of Slovakia is Nad Tatrou sa blyska or Lightning Over the Tatras.
  • The majority of the Slovak Republic is Roman Catholic (60.4%).

  • Their form of currency is the euro which is equivalent to 1.2699 U.S. dollars.
  • The Slovak euro design depicts Krivan, a symbolic mountain in the High Tatras, Bratislava Castle, and the coat of arms of Slovakia.
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