Slovakia's Got Talent

Kristina- Horehronie

Funeral Rites:
  • The subject of funerals is almost taboo- people generally will avoid talking about them.
  • It is customary to give flowers in even numbers, usually calla lilies or chrysanthemums, tied in purple ribbon.
  • It is also common to put in the coffin some money or things the dead liked the most. You do not present gifts to the family of the deceased.
  • Funeral attire is the same as in the U.S.- black formal wear.
  • Like in most of the ceremonies in Slovakia (wedding, Christmas dinner, funerals), the event starts with a prayer, celebratory drink where there is always someone (close family, relative) who proposes a toast. Then there is usually 1 course-meal, dessert and coffee served.
  • The majority of Slovakia is Roman Catholic so most funerals have a memorial service with hymns, prayers, eulogies, and comforting words from a pastor. Whoever wants to say some last words to the decreased goes up and speaks (this is done in the church or funeral home or burial site).
  • "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" is also used in Slovak funerals but in Slovak: Popal na popal, Prach na prach.
  • In general, after the funeral close relatives go to a restaurant to eat and drink alcohol, coffee.

Facts and Trivia:
  • In Slovakia ham is not considered a meat. In menus dishes containing ham will be listed under the vegetarian choices.
  • When you finish your meal, place your utensils in the 4:20 position as if your plate were a clock. This indicates to the waiter that you are finished with your meal.
  • When paying you will be told the amount of the bill and you should respond with how much you intend to pay with. (i.e. A bill comes out to €18.75 and you respond €20.00)
  • Make sure to bring change to the bathroom, usually you need to pay a small amount to use them. (Toilet paper costs extra for men.)
  • Bus etiquette: When an elder or someone with small children get on a bus you should give your seat to them. If there's a woman with a carriage, you should help her get on the bus.
  • Traffic: Speed limits are not usually followed, honking is used in lieu of brakes, and at crosswalks cars will not always stop for pedestrians- watch out!
  • Leave your shoes outside when entering someone's home. They will usually offer you slippers to wear in the house.
  • "Ladies first" does not apply in Slovakia- men should always enter an establishment first. Tis is so if there's a fight inside the restaurant of bar the man can protect the woman.
  • When calling always state who is calling first.
  • Theaters will have assigned seating and even if the theatre is empy you will be required to sit in your assigned seat.

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