The Partners
These are our initial introductions to each other, and now, our introductions to you.

"My name is Martina; I live in Slovakia, which is quite a little country in the heart of Europe. I come from Poprad (the High Tatras mountains), but now I live and work in Bratislava (our capital city) in AT&T. My position is "Language & Quality Manager". The position name doesn't really say what my responsibilities are, but in general I am in charge of different trainings, projects with customers, and supporting our organization which is in total over 300 people. I love travelling! I spent 1 whole year in Hawaii (Honolulu), 6 years ago. I had a great host family and was taking care of 2 kids, Heather & Erik. I enjoy more summer than winter, therefore I love Hawaii very much!"


"My name is Herena. I'm from the state of Hawaii, I attend Punahou School, and I'm 17 years old (and female if you couldn't tell). I'm ethically Asia."

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  2. Slovakia at a glance
  3. Symbol- Juraj Janosik
  4. Proverb- No work, no cake
  5. Literature
  6. Project Extension
  7. Slovakia's Gift
  8. I Believe
  9. Martina and Herena
  10. Bibliography
  11. Miscellaneous