World Dialogue Project 2010- The Slovak Republic
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Vitajte! Welcome to the World Dialogue Project page for the Slovak Republic or Slovakia. Martina and Herena worked together on this wiki page in hopes of extending a limited knowledge on this European country. For a number a weeks Martina provided Ms. Shigemitsu's world literature class with a look into her country and its culture through their heroes, their proverbs, and their literature.

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Pod' so mnou! Come with me and immerse yourself in the customs and ideals of Slovakia:

  1. Home- You Are Here :)
  2. Slovakia at a glance- Basic geography and demographics
  3. Symbol- Juraj Janosik- Martina's symbol for Slovakia
  4. Proverb- No work, no cake- Martina's proverb for Slovakia
  5. Literature- A Slovak fairytale and book of poems
  6. Slovakia's Gift- A reflective paper on what I took from Martina and her country
  7. I Believe- - My final thoughts on the ideas I came across in World Literature
  8. Project Extension - Slovakia's history
  9. Martina and Herena- More about the partners
  10. Bibliography- Works cited for the information and images
  11. Miscellaneous - Songs, funeral rites, random facts and trivia

Dovidenia! Goodbye! And check out the other countries: